Hi, Carl(it)o is my name ...

... by full name it's actually "Lütten Dieks Carlito". I am an Entlebuch Mountain Dog and in the pack of the Lütten Dieks the only boy. I am usually called Carlito, "Carlo" or "Carlchen" only if I am particularly good.

Humph, so I think I am always good! My mistress often sees it differently, then she is getting really strict. Mom Stina can be even stricter, but not that strict as "Ward Sister" Antje - also called Anni - ... phew ...

Visit the website of my Mom and my sisters ...

Like my two half-sisters, I was born in the so called "Cuxland", more precisely in the summer of 2016, on August 1st, the Entlebuch National Day ... i.e. it is actually the Swiss National Day, but we "Entlies" are after all Swiss ...

My Career...

In the first place I should have moved out when I was a puppy, but sometimes things turn out unlike you think. So what, it's great here and I also have two lovely sisters ... Antje the occasionally unexpected rigorous and Birte, who is always in the mood for some nonsense.

Well, my "two-legs" say that I have meanwhile mutated into a moody, chronically reticent, hysterical teenager ... a so-called "Puberty", well I just give everything ... Sometimes the "Puberty" turns into a "Cuddly Bear" ... says at least my master. Mistress has also relaxed over the time and intends to do the companion dog test with me. After Mom Stina I then would be the second companion dog in our "Lütten Dieks" pack ...



Date Competition Place Judge Class Assessment Awards / Entitlements / Remarks
May 14th 2017 CACIB Neumünster Mrs. Schwesinger Junior Excellent 2 Res .Ent. Dt. Jgd.Ch. (VDH)
Res. Ent. Dt. Jgd.Ch. (SSV)
Jun. 11th 2017 VDH Annual Trophy Hannover Mr. Eberhardt Junior Excellent 2 Res. Ent. Dt. Jgd.Ch. (VDH
Res. Anw. Dt. Jgd.Ch. (SSV)
Aug. 05th 2017 CACIB Bremen Mrs. Fechler Junior Excellent 1 Ent. Dt. Jgd.Ch. (VDH)
Ent. Dt. Jgd.Ch. (SSV)
Sep. 03rd 2017 SSV - National Specialty HH-Rahlstedt Mr. Gerhards Junior Excellent 2 The "Puberty" has given everything ...
Oct. 13th 2017 CACIB Dortmund Mr. Güllix Junior Excellent 1 Ent. Dt. Jgd.Ch. (VDH)
Ent. Dt. Jgd.Ch. (SSV)
Best Junior Dog Award
Autumn Junior Class Winner 2017
Apr. 29th 2018 CACIB Lingen Mr. Gerhards Intermediate Excellent 1 Ent. Dt. Ch. (VDH)
Jul. 01st 2018 VDH Annual Trophy Hannover Dr. Hollensteiner Intermediate Excellent 1 Double Ent. Dt. Ch. (VDH)


  • On October 29th 2017 the title "Deutscher Jugend Champion (SSV)" was awarded to Lütten Dieks Carlito.
  • On November 30th 2017 the title "Deutscher Jugend Champion (VDH)" was awarded to Lütten Dieks Carlito.

Stud Dog Approval

  • On June 23rd 2018 Lütten Dieks Carlito passed his stud dog approval exam in Kappel-Grafenhausen (SSV Group Baden-Württemberg Süd) without restriction.

Health Examinations

Date Health Test Examining Institute Findings
Feb. 23rd 2017 Urinary Syndrome Sonography University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover Pattern - A, Clear
Feb. 28th 2017 PRA - Genetic Test Laboklin Pattern - A, Clear
Dec. 12th 2017 Hip Displasia X-Ray SSV / GRSK e.V. Pattern - A, Clear
May 14th 2018 Gonioscopy DOK Veterinarian Dr. Jan Bergmann, Bremen Goniodysplasia - Clear
May 14th 2018 Hereditary Cataract Examination DOK Veterinarian Dr. Jan Bergmann, Bremen HC - Clear


On the right you see my parents, my Mom Fräulein Stina vom Gehrshof and my Dad Xeno vom Igernbach. Xeno is the handsome and impressive male on the right in the image, who is looking at mom Stina so in love ... The two married on June 2nd 2016 and it is said that it was a true love marriage. Well, such as my dad looks at my mom, that obviously seems to be more than true ...

The result it's me: Lütten Dieks Carlito, I was born on August 1st, 2016, the Swiss National Holiday. And all people say that I am a splitting image of Dad Xeno ...

My Honeymoons

Larysa Porazynianka

On January 27th 2019 I gave my "Yes" to Larysa Porazynianka (ES 58277) from Château de Chapelle.

Hip Dysplasia X-Ray
Pattern - A, Clear
Urinary Syndrome Sonography
Pattern - B, Normal
PRA - Genetic Test
Pattern - A, Clear
Eye Examinations
HC - Clear, Goniodysplasia - Clear

Arina von der Mattenweide

On February 2nd 2019 I seduced the Ice Princess Arina von der Mattenweide (SHSB 737844) who had come from Norway.

Hip Dysplasia X-Ray
Pattern - B
Urinary Syndrome Sonography
Pattern - B, Normal
PRA - Genetic Test
Pattern - A, Clear
Eye Examinations
HC - Clear, Goniodysplasia - Clear

Stud Dog Approval

On 23 June 2018 I was at the Kappel-Grafenhausen approval north of Freiburg close to the beautiful Black Forest. Precisely it was not a competition, more sort of an "obstacle course" with several judges (so-called "Körmeister"). Further more there was a "crowd" which I had to walk through ... So what ... the weather was fine, the people were very nice as well and my "two-legs" were more than in a good mood ... Also the judges were really polite and very impressed by me ...

Quote: "An Entlebucher as he should be, I think you made a real good choice" ... And, to the amusement of the judges, my mistress simply replied: "He is homemade ..."

Well, as it was to be expected, I passed the test easily ... Even my mistress was deeply relaxed ... at least afterwards ...

My "Herrchen", sometimes also called "The Master", was anyway deeply relaxed all the time, humph, unfortunately, due to his deep relaxation, he missed making videos and took only photographs. Well, you can't have everything ... So, now I am an "approved" stud dog and my two-legs hope that I'll pass on my excellent health values to my offspring ...

Our Breeding Objectives

First Health and Nature

Like every other breeder, we also have an objective of the characteristics of an Entlebuch Mountain Dog, which we hope to come as close as possible in the course of our breeding efforts. In doing so we have clear priorities:

The optimization of the health values of our offspring has absolute priority and is our breeding task par excellence. Only a healthy dog can live a carefree life in his family, which is why we try to minimise the risk of potential hereditary diseases already during the litter planning.

This begins with the selection of the parents. Only dogs that are not too much affected by skeletal diseases and that have a complete screening for the known hereditary diseases can be considered as breeding partners.

Breed Standard

Although we are not especially focusing on the show quality of a dog, we of course also pursue the aim of breeding a dog with a strong physique that is conform to breed standards and typeful in appearance. Therefore we adhere entirely to the breed standard for Entlebucher Mountain Dogs of the "SSV" (Schweizer Sennenhundverein für Deutschland) e.V.

Simultaneously the Entlebucher is a herding and driving dog with a high urge to move and therefore needs a sufficient physical, as well as mental workload and a consistent, but not too strict education.

The daily work as herder on the cattle would be ideal, but the Entlebucher also shows great readiness for other tasks, such as obedience, tournament dog sport, rally obedience, mantrailing or rescue work.